101 Ideas To Start Your Own Business

ideas to start your own business

Would you like your own company? If you have your own company, you decide when you work and of course what kind of work you do exactly.

Does this sound like something to you, but you have no idea what kind of company you want to start? Then I’d be happy to help you with 101 business ideas on this page.

In this article you will learn:

101 Ideas for Starting Your Own Business

1) Starting an online store

In 2011 I started an online store in nuts & dried fruit myself.

You can easily start an online store from home.

Within 3 years I had a turnover of 150,000 euros a year.

In 2017 I sold my online store.

Do you also want to start an online store?

I have already made a list of 500 promising niches for you.

Download for free: 500 Promising Niches in which you can start an online store.

2) Online business

Do you still live pre internet?

No, of course not, otherwise you will not read this article now ūüôā

The internet offers many opportunities.

You can start an online business today.

3) Set up an administration office

Are you good with numbers and do you want to earn money with them? Then this is also possible.

Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to set up their own administration and keep it up to date.

If you set up your own administration office, you can earn money by taking over the administration from entrepreneurs.

Only focus on entrepreneurs clients, because private individuals do not produce enough work.

4) Cleaning company

Many people hate to have to clean.

Do you not mind this at all and are you good at it? Then you can start a cleaning company.

You can start cleaning at private individuals, but you can also focus on entrepreneurs to clean business premises.

If you focus on companies, you could specialize in a certain niche, for example that you only clean at dental practices.

5) Real Estate Broker

A real estate agent helps people find their ideal home and helps people who already have a house to sell this house as quickly as possible.

You do need training to become a broker, but if you have this paper in your pocket, you can start right away with your own brokerage office.

I myself followed (and completed) the Bachelor study Real Estate at Hogeschool Rotterdam, I can definitely recommend this study!

Yes, in The Netherlands we have this Bachelor. I only found online real estate more interesting:)

6) Repair service

Are you enjoying work with electronic devices?

Then you can also earn your money with this.

Set up a repair service and you can make money fixing other people’s electronic devices.

Good to know: online you can find all kinds of manuals to repair devices that you can use within your company.

7) Hairdressing salon

In a hairdressing salon it is always busy and this is simply because people always have to go to the hairdresser, even when the economy is not going well.

Do you like to be busy with cutting and hairdressing and do you like to keep busy with the latest trends in hairstyles?

Then you can also start for yourself by setting up a hairdressing salon.

8) Travel consultation

You may know a lot about traveling, but not everyone has that much travel experience.

A travel consultation helps people with less travel experience to book the perfect holiday or long trip.

Especially if you prefer nothing more than traveling, this is the perfect job for you. As a travel consultant you have to travel regularly.

9) Marketing consultant

Do you know everything about online and offline marketing?

Then you can also start for yourself by becoming a freelance marketing consultant.

Many companies do not use a permanent marketing employee (s) at the office, but hire an external marketing consultant for marketing advice.

10) Translator

If you are fluent in a certain language, you can also earn money with this. Not only can you become an interpreter, but you can also choose to translate texts.

From Dutch to the foreign language, but also vice versa. You can become a translator if you speak English or German, but also if you speak French, Spanish, Polish, Italian or even Chinese.

11) Courier service

You enjoy driving a car and you would like to earn money with it.

In this case you can start a courier service. You transport items for private individuals or companies and earn your money with this.

You are comfortable on the road, work in a different work environment every day and meet new people every day.

12) Writer

Have you always wanted to write your own book? Then you can also earn money with this.

If your book is published, you can become very rich just like that.

Come up with a good idea for a story, approach a few publishers and you will automatically see where the ship ends up.

13) Window decoration company

Many homes are equipped with window decoration. Do you know a lot about window decoration and do you enjoy selling and installing window decoration?

Then you can start your own window decoration company. You not only provide sales advice on window decoration, but also apply the window decoration.

14) Employment agency

You can also choose to put other people to work with your company. If you know a lot about hiring and hiring out workers, you can start an employment agency.

You can start a general employment agency, but also an employment agency for a specific target group or within a specific industry.

15) Pests control company

Do you know exactly how to combat all types of pests? Then you can help other people with this too.

If you start a pest control business, you earn money by fighting annoying pests in other people in the house.

Not only does it make you money, but it also feels good to fight pests.

16) Start blog

Many people don’t know, but you can make a lot of money with your own blog. Especially if you have a lot of readers on your blog, your website is attractive to advertisers.

If you know how to attract advertisers, you can turn your blog into your main income and even become rich with it.

17) Taxi driver

If you enjoy driving a car, you can also choose to become a taxi driver.

You drive different routes every day, transport different people every day and determine your own hours.

In addition, taxi drivers do not earn badly, so this job is certainly interesting from a financial point of view.

18) Relocation service

Many people hate moving, simply because it takes a lot of time and energy. You can earn money by helping people move.

You buy or rent a moving van, hire a few movers and you can earn money by moving other people’s household effects.

19) Social media manager

Are you busy all day with different social media websites? Then you can also earn money with this.

By offering yourself as a social media manager, you can help companies organize their social media activities.

This is not only fun to do, but you also earn a nice hourly wage.

20) Web design agency

Are you creative and good with programs like Photoshop? Then you can also offer yourself as a web designer by starting your own web design agency.

As a web designer you make all kinds of web designs, also for large and well-known companies.

Every assignment is different and this makes your job challenging and varied.

21) Contractor

Do you dream of your own ‚Äúcontractor company”?

As a contractor you can renovate a complete house.

The demand for good contractors is endless.

22) Interior designer

The word says it all, as an interior designer you design interiors. You can turn a new-build house into a dream palace or make sure a room gets a refresh by tackling the interior.

When furnishing, you naturally pay attention to aspects such as light, space layout and choice of materials.

You are also creative and you know how to turn small spaces into something beautiful and practical.

23) Valuator

Do you enjoy valuing objects, are you orderly and do you have an eye for detail?

As an valuator, your job is to estimate the value of things. You often do this for houses, but it can be anything.

Do you want to start a business in the valuation? Then it is necessary to be affiliated with a trade association and to follow a preliminary training.

24) Headhunter

A headhunter is someone who is looking for employees, often with special skills or with a special position. This is often done for vacancies for which it is difficult to find people.

Employees are, as it were, “snatched” from a company by a headhunter. As a headhunter you have to dare to go to extremes and be very social.

25) Chef

Is it your passion to be in the kitchen and provide people with good food? Then it is certainly an option to start your own business and become a chef.

A chef is the head of the kitchen and manages other chefs. So you like to take the lead, but above all to make tasty and surprising dishes over and over again.

26) Sales consult

Are you a born salesman and is it in your blood to stimulate the sale of a certain something? As a sales consult, that is your most important task.

If you want to start your own business in sales, it is important that you have good communication skills and are very driven.

27) Make-up artist

Interested in makeup and everything that goes with it since childhood? Why not start as a make-up artist yourself? A make-up artist deals with the face.

For example, you ensure that a presenter looks great in front of the camera, with the right foundation, a nice lipstick and well-shaped eyebrows.

28) Tour guide

As a tour guide you know everything about a certain city and you show tourists around. You show them all the beauty and tell them with great enthusiasm why this city is so worthwhile.

Are you good with people, do you speak several languages ‚Äč‚Äčand can you tell about something with full enthusiasm every day? Then start your own company as a tour guide.

29) Personal shop assistant

Do you prefer to go shopping every day, do you know everything about fashion and is your own closet bulging too? Then become a personal shop assistant and turn it into your own company.

This way you can go shopping every day unabashedly. As a personal shop assistant you look for the right clothes, shoes and accessories for others, for example for a specific fashion magazine.

30) Software developer

As a software developer you are involved in the development of software. It is a very technical profession and you need to know everything about various programming languages.

In addition, you must enjoy working with computers and you enjoy taking on a (technical) challenge.

31) Catering business

Are you thinking of starting a catering company? Definitely do this if you enjoy providing food and drinks at events and parties.

Food that is prepared by you and that is then reserved for the guests present.

Cooking, arranging things, serving food and providing guests with everything should definitely be in your blood.

32) Dog walking service

Dogs are very popular with people, but people often have (too) little time to walk them on a daily basis.

Have you always dreamed of working with dogs on a daily basis and taking them out for others?

Then start your own dog walking service. You do not only please the dogs, but also the owners.

33) Personal trainer

Are you a fanatic athlete and are you busy with your body and nutrition? Then start working as a personal trainer! It is then your job to motivate and coach people.

This concerns people who want to lose weight, develop muscles or get better conditionally.

You help these people with their nutritional schedule and doing exercises, among other things.

34) Cake Maker

Were you always the one who baked your own cake at every party, not because you had to but because you liked it?

A cake maker not only makes the tastiest cakes, but also the most beautiful creations.

Everything is made by you and people lick their fingers off it.

35) Wedding planner

Perhaps you have already gotten married or helped someone plan a wedding before.

Did you like that? Then make it your profession and start your own company! As a wedding planner you make sure that everything runs smoothly on the big day.

This way you arrange a photographer, transport and of course the location in advance.

36) Photographer

Many people would like to have things captured on photo for later as a memory. Is it your passion to photograph people or things and do you have your camera next to you day and night?

You can choose to become a nature photographer, for example, or a wedding photographer or press photographer. Plenty of options.

37) Rental company

You can of course also work as a landlord for your own rental company. Here you really have endless possibilities of what you want to rent out, such as buildings, equipment or furniture.

It is important that you can maintain an overview, keep track of your administration and enjoy arranging things.

38) Music teacher

Have you always played the piano, joined the brass band or played in a band as a guitarist? Then start working for yourself as a music teacher.

You then give music lessons to both children and adults for a particular musical instrument. It is of course important that you can play an instrument well and that you enjoy teaching people something.

39) Selling second-hand items

Have you always enjoyed selling stuff and turning it into a business? Then turn this into your own company.

Second-hand items are often very popular and can generate a lot of money. It has to be in your blood to be commercially active and have the right persuasiveness.

40) Journalist

Start your own business and become a journalist. A journalist gathers facts about the latest news of the day.

So you are busy with current affairs, you enjoy interviewing people and then write a nice piece about it. As a journalist you can think of writing for newspapers or magazines.

41) Limousine rental company for parties and events

Would you like to become a driver, but do you still want something exclusive?

Then start your own limousine rental company. You then drive people from A to B and back again, for example when someone is having a party or going to an event.

It is of course important that you have a driver’s license.

42) DJ

Almost every nightclub, bar and even pub has its own DJ.

Do you enjoy working with music and do you like to be in the spotlight? Then you can become an independent DJ.

Entertainment venues can hire you to play with them and you earn quite a bit of money with this. If you do it very well, you can even be at the bigger events.

43) Freelance Legal Counsel

For many people, hiring a lawyer is too big an investment. They can make use of the expertise of a (freelance) legal adviser.

If you have followed legal training, you can also become a freelance legal advisor. Entrepreneurs and private individuals can then hire you to provide legal advice.

44) Business coach

Have you successfully run your own business for many years? Then you can share your knowledge with other entrepreneurs by becoming a business coach.

Even if you have not had your own company and have a lot of experience in another area, you can become a coach within a company.

For example, if you have worked in the same industry for years, you can also use your knowledge and experience as a business coach.

45) Party planner

Do you know exactly how to organize a successful party? Then you can help people who are less good at this, simply by offering yourself as a party planner.

A party planner can organize birthdays, but also anniversary parties, company parties, weddings and even large (business) events.

46) Jewelry designer

As a jewelry designer you are busy every day making the most beautiful jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces and rings.

If you are also very handy, you can even produce this jewelry yourself.

Unfortunately you don’t know how to do this? Then you just hire a company or a freelancer for this and you are only the jewelry designer.

47) Massage therapist

massage therapist Massages help with various health and physical problems.

By offering yourself as a massage therapist, you can help many people with complaints to feel better.

In addition, you help people to relax and this is certainly something to be proud of and feel good about.

48) Carpenter

Anyone who is handy with all types of wood and various tools can become a carpenter.

As a carpenter you can not only work in construction, but you can also work on the interior.

You can also make beautiful furniture from wood!

49) Bed and breakfast

Do you have a lot of space in the house? Then you can rent this space to tourists who visit your city.

If you serve them a nice breakfast the next day, then you have a bed and breakfast.

You regularly meet new people, you can take care of people and you can introduce tourists to your beloved city.

50) Gardener

You can of course only keep your own garden, but you can also earn money by working in other people’s gardens.

Many people do not enjoy gardening or do not have the time for it and you can benefit from that.

Not only does gardening make you calm, but you also earn a decent income with it.

51) Nutritional Consultant

Many people want to eat healthier, but are not sure what they can and cannot have. As a nutritional consultant you can give advice on this.

You can follow a training or course as a nutritional consultant, but you can also give consultations based on your own experience.

You help people to live healthier and possibly even lose a lot of weight.

52) Nail Salon

More and more people have their nails done by a nail technician. You can take advantage of this by starting your own nail salon.

You can enjoy nail art every day and earn money with it. And because nail art is very popular, chances are your nail salon will be a success.

53) Start YouTube channel

You can also choose to become a professional vlogger by starting a YouTube channel and posting videos on it regularly. If you have many followers, you will earn a lot of money with your channel.

Many vloggers can even live happily with their Youtube channel full of funny, interesting and educational videos.

54) Flower decorator

Do you love all kinds of flowers and do you enjoy arranging beautiful bunches of flowers?

Then you can also register with the Chamber of Commerce as a flower decorator.

People can hire you to make special bouquets such as a bridal bouquet or a funeral bouquet, but also for beautiful bunches to put at home.

55) Mortgage Advisor

The housing market is doing well and this means that the professionals involved in this industry are also doing well.

By offering yourself as a mortgage advisor and providing advice on mortgages, you can take advantage of the growing housing market.

56) Clothing Designer

You can also earn money by designing your own clothing line and also producing these clothes.

You can sell your clothes in your own store or online store, but you can also approach other entrepreneurs for this.

There are several shops and web shops that sell the clothing of starting designers.

57) Mystery Shopper

A mystery shopper goes to shops and other companies to investigate the quality of their service.

This means that, for example, you go to a clothing store and have to assess the service here.

You are only in the store for a short time and you get a nice amount for this.

58) Turn your hobby into your business

Do you have a hobby that you could potentially earn money with? Then you can of course also turn your hobby into a paid job by starting your own business.

For example, do you enjoy building websites, painting or applying make-up? Then you may be able to earn money with your hobby.

59) Research agency – market researcher

Many companies have market research carried out, for example into the wishes and needs of their customers, the purchasing behavior of consumers and their competitors.

As a market researcher with your own research agency you can earn a lot of money.

And do you not want to carry out the investigations yourself? Then you can also hire people for this.

60) Beauty Salon

Do you enjoy working with beauty and are you good at giving various beauty treatments? Then you can start your own beauty salon.

You choose which treatments you offer and you help all kinds of people to look even better by, for example, applying make-up or taking care of the skin.

61) Virtual Personal Assistant

A Virtual Personal Assistant or VPA is not just any assistant, but a Personal Assistant that works virtually.

This means that you become the assistant of an important businessman or woman and can do all kinds of things for him or her, without leaving the house.

62) Solar panel company

Solar panels Solar panels are a real revolution in the field of sustainable energy, and more and more people want to use them. Then why not turn it into a profitable business?

The current market for renewable energy is getting bigger and bigger. All you have to do is look for a producer who can provide quality material and you have a profitable and environmentally friendly business.

63) Start Pop-up Store

In large cities, more and more so-called pop-up shops are popping up. These are stores that remain open for a limited time (for example, a number of months).

This has some advantages for the operator. This way the costs are limited and you still have the option to develop a brand.

64) Washing company cars on location

Why not start a company that washes cars of other companies?

Nowadays you can make a profession of anything. Many companies are more than happy to invest in the cleaning of their vehicles.

If you have the cars washed on location, you also save on real estate costs.

65) Computer trainer

Computers are an indispensable part of today’s business world, and for many people, technology is renewing so quickly that they can hardly keep up.

As a computer trainer you teach people how to work with computers and the like, so that they can work much more efficiently. Of course you need to have the necessary knowledge.

66) Launderette

You can find laundromats on every street corner, but there is a reason for this. People who do not have a washing machine themselves often go to a public wash center.

For the owner it is almost a passive way of making money, since only maintenance requires work.

Of course, high-quality washing machines are a real investment, but as soon as you have them, you will earn money almost automatically.

67) Plumber

Plumbers: we all need them, precisely because things like pipes are essential to achieve a certain level of living comfort.

Plumbers’ know-how ensures that people turn to it for even the smallest of problems – and are often happy to pay a lot.

The ideal way to be independent and also help people.

68) Dance instructor

Do you have a passion for dance, but don’t you just want to work in a dance school under a boss? Then you can always choose to become a dance instructor and work on your own.

You determine your hourly rate, when and how you teach. And at the same time you are working on your passion!

69) Property manager

As a real estate manager you manage the sale, price and administration of houses.

People who want to sell / rent a home but are not too crazy about the paperwork involved, call in a real estate manager.

Ideal if you are good with numbers and like to help people on their way to buy a new home.

70) Online coach

With the increasing popularity of the internet (especially among companies), many professions are increasingly practiced online.

For example, as an online coach you can do what a coach does, but then completely via the internet.

Think of a nutrition or burn out coach who guides people online, or a company coach who guides employees.

71) Selling goods via Ebay

The easiest way to make more money is to earn passive income.

One of those ways you can do that is by selling goods online through websites such as Ebay

Such online shops give you the opportunity to reach tens of thousands of people.

72) Home care

Just as doctors and nurses in the hospital tend to patients who cannot get out of bed, home nurses take care of people.

As a home nurse, you help people at their homes in the same way: you administer medication, help them go to the toilet, and so on.

If you like to work for the health of other people and want to work on your own account, this is for you.

73) Online Teacher

As an online teacher you are responsible for the training of students (of all ages, depending on the institution you work for).

Be it biology, languages ‚Äč‚Äčor algebra, a teacher knows everything there is to know about his or her field of knowledge.

In addition, a teacher can interact well with other people and motivate them. Nowadays as a teacher you can teach through an online channel, and earn many thousands of euros per month.

74) Security company

Every company and home needs security.

Business owners and families are looking for the best security systems to keep their property safe from break-ins, and that’s the ideal opportunity for you to turn it into a profitable business.

A security company has a wide range of alarms and other security systems, so knowledge about them is essential.

75) Zookeeper

Just as there are doctors for people, there are also who take care of animals.

If you love to see animals and are passionate about the medical world and health at the same time, this might be the job for you.

Zookeepers often work independently, and they also call on an assistant to help them take care of animals.

76) Cooking studio teach people how to cook

If you love cooking and always want to try new recipes, you might be able to inspire others to do the same.

Setting up a cooking studio is like starting a shop: you need a building, all the necessary tools and you have to do marketing to attract people.

77) Juice bar

A juice bar represents the perfect combination between healthy food and small-scale entrepreneurship.

If you can’t stick with green juices yourself and want to help adopt another healthier lifestyle, then maybe you can set up a juice bar.

78) Art gallery

Passion for art can express itself in different ways.

For example, there are people who specialize in making works of art, while others make it their profession to exhibit those works of art.

Opening an art gallery requires a unique combination of both artistry and organizational skills.

For example, you must not be able to appreciate some good art, but you must also have the entrepreneurial spirit to present that art well.

79) Video production company

As a video producer, you create video material for a huge range of different applications.

Think for example of advertising videos for brands, or promotional material for an online campaign.

If you want to start a video production company, you need not only independent blood but also all the technical knowledge that comes with such a work.

80) Dishwashing service for large company canteens

Washing dishes may sound boring, but if you set up a real company that does the washing up of company canteens, you can earn a lot from it.

All you need is a nose for independence and experienced staff who can work efficiently. This way you can turn one of the most banal jobs into a profitable business.

81) Private Detective

An exciting profession, that’s for sure. To become a private investigator, you must have specific training, a clear criminal record and be at least 21 years old.

As a detective you can be hired by private individuals to, for example, conduct espionage or investigate criminal cases. If you are looking for an exciting profession, this is for you!

82) A motorcycle or car repair service

Do you enjoy tinkering with motorcycles and / or cars? Then you can start your own motorcycle and / or car repair service.

People bring their broken engine and / or car to you, so that you can fix their vehicle and earn a nice pocket money with it.

83) Artist manager

Almost every great artist has an artist manager.

A manager not only arranges the performances, but also media attention and so on.

Are you not that musically inclined yourself, but do you enjoy working in the music world? Then look for an artist to manage.

84) Ironing service

Many people hate ironing clothes or simply don’t have time for it.

Do you enjoy ironing and do you have enough time to iron other people’s clothes for a nice fee?

Then you start your own ironing service.

85) Ice cream parlor or ice cream shop

When it gets nice and warm again in a few months, everyone wants ice cream.

You can take advantage of the warm summer months by opening an ice cream parlor or driving an ice cream cart across the country.

Especially on warm and sunny days you sell a lot of ice cream, which you can buy for a low purchase price.

86) Farrier

A farrier specializes in maintaining and replacing the hooves of horses.

If you are a big horse lover and you think it is important that horses receive the best care, then you can become a farrier. You do need some training for this, but this is well worth it.

With the right training you can enjoy working as a farrier for many years.

87) Chiropractor

A chiropractor specializes in affecting the spine, without using medication or other aids.

By specializing in this profession, you can help many people with back problems feel better.

And because no medication is used for this, you do not need a complicated medical background with many years of study as a basis.

88) Bailiff

A bailiff visits private individuals or companies to collect outstanding bills.

There are many shady bailiffs, but there are many more bailiffs who simply work properly and according to the rules.

By starting your own bailiff business, you can join these neat professionals and help companies collect their outstanding bills.

89) Graphic designer

A graphic designer creates all kinds of designs. Think of designs for websites, but also designs for offline means of communication, business cards and so on.

As a graphic designer you have a versatile profession and you will not get bored easily.

90) Commercial agent

A commercial agent is an independent broker who works between an exporter and his (potential) customers.

As a commercial agent you can work for a single client, but you can also serve several clients.

The more clients you serve, the more varied your job is. And because commercial agents often work with foreign companies, you can often go abroad.

inspection An inspector is hired to check compliance with certain rules.

91) Inspector

If you are an inspector in the catering industry, you can, for example, check whether the hygiene rules are being observed in a catering company.

You can also become an inspector with the police, but this is much more difficult to achieve. You need a lot of experience in the police profession for this.

92) Painter

Are you good at painting and do you often receive compliments about the works you have made?

Then you might be able to earn money with your hobby.

By working as a painter, you can create works of art and earn money with it.

You can make art on demand, but you can also just paint whatever you like.

93) Career Counselor

Many people do not know very well how to organize their career.

For example, they don’t know what they want to do for work or they don’t know how to get their dream job.

As a career advisor you help these people by giving them advice about their career.

94) Furniture designer

If you have an eye for interior design and you are also very handy, you can become a furniture designer.

You design your own furniture, develop these pieces of furniture (possibly with the help of a production expert) and earn money by selling your furniture.

95) Advertising agency

If you know everything about commercial communication, advertising and consumer behavior, you can also start an advertising agency.

You can focus on online communication or offline communication, but you can also specialize in both forms of communication.

96) Debt counselor

Many people who are in debt can no longer get out of this themselves.

They hire a debt counselor to get out of the red. If you follow the right study, you can become this professional.

You earn a decent income and you help people out of trouble.

97) Sports coach

If you are good at a certain sport, you can also earn money with it.

By offering yourself as a sports coach, you can support novice athletes or top athletes to get better.

You can become a football coach, but you can also coach hockey players, become a tennis coach and so on. A coach is needed for every sport!

98) Tutor

A tutor gives tutoring. You can tutor in a single subject, but you can also tutor in multiple subjects.

Are you very good at English or do you master the Dutch language perfectly? Then you can offer yourself as a tutor.

You can also tutor subjects such as history, geography, mathematics and so on.

99) Draftsman

Many people don’t know, but you can also earn money as a draftsman.

For example, you can be hired to make the prints in a children’s book, but also to draw pictures in study books. And are you good at drawing comics?

Then you can even earn your income with this, as long as you know how to sell your stories.

100) Cameraman

cameraman Are you good with a camera? Then you can also become a cameraman or camerawoman.

You can operate the camera when recording a movie or series, but this is very specialist work.

If you are a novice cameraman, you can also offer yourself to private individuals or companies who want a simpler video.

101) Food truck

A food truck is a cart that you use as a stand to sell food and / or drinks.

Food trucks are often at festivals, but also at regular private parties.

If you still have an old caravan or bus, you can easily convert this vehicle into a food truck.

So… These are all 101 ideas for starting a business.

Don’t wait any longer and start your own business today.

Good Luck!



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