How Do You Get More Leads Online?

Do you want to generate more leads for your company? New leads is a must for every company, because how else can you grow a company?

In this article, I’ll show you 5 ways to get more leads online.

1 # More visitors

Get more visitors to your website. You can do this by advertising very specifically in Adwords on certain search terms.

If you do not want to pay for visitors you can also write blog articles, only this will take much longer and you will have to do it structurally.

So don’t make a blog article once every six months, but really 3 times a month.

2 # Make clear Call to Actions

If you want visitors to take a certain action, you have to make it very clear.

This seems a bit strange at first glance, but trust me, you really have to take the visitor by the hand.

For example, put a clear request form on your website with arrows, so that the visitor sees this.

Place your telephone number on your website as clearly as possible.

3 # Don’t give out too much information

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of putting a lot of information on their website.

As a visitor, you have almost no reason to contact the company anymore.

What is also a major negative effect is that visitors will quickly leave your website.

Your information should be short and to the point. People’s attention is getting less and less, keep that in mind.

4 # Mobile Friendly

Do you also look more and more on the internet via your mobile? Your website should be really mobile friendly in 2016, otherwise people will not stay on your website for long.

Your application forms should also be mobile friendly, so that people can easily fill them in on their mobile phone.

5 # Search engine optimization

If your website is not found properly in Google, you will get few visitors to your website.

Therefore, immerse yourself in search engine optimization or hire an SEO Expert to do this for you.

Don’t underestimate this. I really think this is the most important long-term technique to get more return from your website.


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