How to create a company name?

How to create a company name?

Don’t have a company name yet? Coming up with a company name is an assignment that every starting entrepreneur must undertake. In this article I’ll show you how to come up with a company name.

A good company name is an important part of a successful business. Does the name appeal to my customers? Are the qualities discussed? And is it creative enough for my new venture?

But how do you start to come up with a company name?

1) Define what kind of company you are

Before you focus on choosing a good company name, it is important that you define your company. Which niche are you targeting? What is your objective?

For example, a software company may emphasize the simplicity of its products, while an accounting company will emphasize its accuracy.

2) Immerse yourself in your customers

Coming up with a company name An important factor when you want to come up with a company name is understanding your target audience. Why are they looking for your company?

If you appeal to an audience that is affluent, they also expect a company name that appeals to their expensive taste.

If you are more likely to address a young audience, they are more likely to pay attention to a name that sounds cool.

3) Make a glossary that lists the qualities of your business

When your customers think about your company, what are the qualities you want to be linked to?

A list of qualities that you think you can offer can then be a good information to determine your ultimate company name.

Don’t just use nouns, but also look for adjectives that describe your business.

Consult a dictionary if necessary to find any synonyms or descriptions.

Is your product unique or just praised for its quality, then you definitely want to find this in your company name.

4) Try to come up with a company name that consists of one word

Were you thinking of a company name that consists of several words? Most companies have a company name that consists of one word.

For example, I see that many coaches and consultants come up with very long company names.

Realize that this way you make it very difficult for people to remember your company name.

5) Come up with a company name consisting of an adjective and noun

“The North Face” or “Lonely Planet” are just a few examples of these types of company names that stand out for their simplicity and are known worldwide.

Simple does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage, but it is often even an advantage. The short name immediately indicates which niche it appeals to and it is easily recognizable.

6) Use a name in the company name of your company

Coming up with a company name doesn’t always have to be that difficult. For example, mentioning your own name in it can immediately give your company a personal touch.

That doesn’t even have to be a real name. For example, McDonald’s has never been owned by someone called McDonald.

Even though Papa John’s pizza chain was founded by someone named John.

7) Create a new word as a company name

Creating a new word can be an excellent way to create a company name.

Whether it’s a play on words or a completely new term made up of two existing words, everyone won’t forget a well-found combination.

The most famous companies that have applied this technique are “Kitchenaid”, “Microsoft” or even “Facebook”.

This experimental way of coming up with a company name is a very good choice for those in the creative industry such as writing agencies.

Inventing a new word to use as a company name is immediately the showcase and the best advertisement to showcase your creativity.

8) Play with words

This method of coming up with a company name is similar to the previous tip. Playing with words doesn’t always have to result in a new word.

Sometimes an original combination or spelling is enough to create an original company name.

This method has the advantage that customers will easily recognize your company. A fun way to try out is to use alliteration.

For example, “Papyrus Press” is a catchy name for a printing company. Or why not “K-Dee’s Coffee”?

Rhyming can also be a way to arrive at a name for your company. “The Reel Deal” can be an excellent name for either a financial company or a fishing store.

“Liquid Courage” is original for those who start a coffee business. The catch here, however, is to fall back too quickly on cliches or some corny puns. The message is to be creative.

9) Make a historical, literary or mythological reference

Such a company name immediately comes across as a bit more stylish. Making a reference to a certain literary or historical figure makes your company more recognizable.

Finally, the successful coffee shop “Starbucks” their name is also inspired by a character from Moby Dick.

10) Go universal

When trying to come up with the name of your company, keep it as universal as possible.

Including Greek terms because you have studied in this field may seem fun, but it has the risk of alienating you from your customers. So go for a name that everyone understands.

This does not have to be in your native language, but can also be in English or French to give it some style.

Most importantly, go for a name that works everywhere. Including the region in which your company is located in the name of your company is not always a good idea.

For example, the fast food chain “Kentucky Fried Chicken” has also officially changed its name to “KFC” for the same reason.

So… These were 10 ways to come up with a business name

Have yourself one more way let me know in a comment below.


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