101 Ways How To Make Money Fast

make money

Are you looking for a way to earn extra money?

Do you want to make a lot of money fast with something you like?

You’ve probably been looking for a money-making opportunity for a while.

Maybe you already make some money, or are you looking for a better way to make money fast?

Or you looking for passive income ideas?

In this article, I’ll teach you 101 ways to make money.

1) Starting an online store

In 2011 I started an online store in nuts & dried fruit myself.

You can easily start an online store from home.

Within 3 years I had a turnover of 150,000 euros a year.

In 2017 I sold my online store.

Do you also want to start an online store?

I have already made a list of 500 promising niches for you.

Download for free: 500 Promising Niches in which you can start an online store.

2) Uber Driver

As an Uber driver you are your own boss and this is how you can earn extra money.

To be an Uber driver you have to meet various things such as you need a driver card, this is a kind of extensive driver’s license..

You also need a taxi license and a blue license plate to be legally Uber driver.

3) Children nanny

You can easily earn extra money when babysitting children, this is especially suitable for young people.

For example, you can hang a flyer in your nearest supermarket or search online for vacancies as a babysitter.

4) Photography – Make money with your photos

Making money from your photos is a fun way to make money from your hobby.

If you enjoy taking pictures, there are several parties you can work with to sell pictures.

5) Selling ice cream

You can start your own ice cream shop, become an ice cream shop or become an ice cream man in a mobile ice cream truck.

This way you can earn a lot of money, especially in the summer, but you do need a permit for this.

You can apply for this permit at the town hall.

6) Cleaning

Cleaning is a well-known way to make extra money. For this you need addresses where you can clean, this can be difficult because many people clean their own houses.

But maybe you know people who need a cleaner or you can put up a flyer in your nearest supermarket.

7) Mowing the lawn

Mowing the lawn at your neighbors or with your family is a convenient way to make extra money and it doesn’t take that much time.

Of course it can be difficult to find people who need someone to mow his / her lawn, but asking around won’t hurt.

8) Advertising on your car (Wrap Advertising)

You don’t have to do anything this way for money, just drive your car around.

Especially smaller companies choose this way of publicity.

With this way, advertising is put on your car and you simply have to drive alone in your car.

9) Earning money from home?

Sell ​​homemade meals

If you can cook well and maybe enjoy doing this, you can sell your homemade meals.

You can deliver the meals at home or you can become a chef at someone’s home.

You then cook a meal for a family or elderly people who are unable to cook themselves.

10) Complete online surveys

Taking surveys online is an easy way to make money and you can do it anywhere, at home or maybe on the train.

There are many online websites where you can do this.

In this way you earn points and you can earn money with those points via PayPal.

11) Deliver newspapers

If you’re young, delivering newspapers is still a great way to make some money.

You have to be an “early riser” to do this work.

Pro Tip: If you are smart, contact local companies such as real estate agencies, painters etc.

These companies always have advertising materials that they want to distribute in the local area.

Then you earn 3x, 4x or 5x more than just delivering the newspaper :).

12) Become a medical test subject

The pharmaceutical industry and universities regularly look for test subjects for drug research. Depending on the purpose of the research, you often have to meet certain requirements.

For example, you sometimes have to fall within a certain age category or not smoke. Since you are a medical test subject, you always run the risk of risks and physical discomfort.

However, there are always strict laws and regulations for such drug research, so it will have to be somewhat safe.

13) Earning money with your hobby

Do you have any hobbies, such as playing the saxophone or making calligraphy? Then maybe you can earn some money with this.

For example, perform at birthday parties or offer to handwrite wedding invitations for a small fee.

Hiring a professional to do these things full-time will likely cost you a lot more money. In this way you make people with a budget happy, while you have a nice pocket money left over!

14) Sports Betting

You can bet on all kinds of sports matches for money on the internet. You actually predict the outcome of a match and put in an amount for it.

If your prediction comes true, you will win the amount wagered plus some extra. There are various websites on the internet where you can gamble on matches and participate in various sports.

15) Freelance writer

Do you have  a strong sense of writing? Then you can also consider becoming a freelance copywriter.

For example, you can become a copywriter and write advertising and marketing texts for different companies.

Various websites can be found on the internet where clients can submit their assignments and which you can accept as a copywriter.

16) Tour guide

If you enjoy meeting new people, check out whether you can give guided tours in your own city.

For example, do you live near a tourist attraction or city? And are you socially oriented and would you like to tell a bit more about this to all kinds of people who are interested in it?

Then see if you can give guided tours for a small fee!

17) Post social media posts for companies

Social media is nowadays increasingly used by companies to reach (potential) customers. It is therefore a day job for companies to keep up with their social media.

Here you come around the corner! As a side job you can keep up with the social media of a company by providing it with fun content.

You can also answer questions from people via social media, for example.

18) Shopping for older people

People who have difficulty walking or who for some other reason are unable to do their own shopping will probably live in your neighborhood.

These can be the elderly or people who are (temporarily) ill so that they cannot leave the house themselves. To earn some extra money, you can do your shopping for these people for a small fee!

After all, it is important for everyone that there is fresh food at home. So you can lend a hand with that.

19) Tutoring

Are you a student and do you like to explain things to other people? Then see if you can give tutoring for a small fee.

For example, if you have a talent for languages ​​or maths, you can use it to teach children tricky material!

For example, post a note at a secondary school where you offer to tutor for a small fee.

There are also several companies where you can register as a tutor. They then look for a student to whom you can be matched.

20) Translator

Do you speak, write and read more than one language fluently? Then you can also become a translator!

For example, you can translate texts from a legal or literary perspective, depending on your (study) background.

In terms of texts, you can think of, for example, subtitles for films and series, manuals or official letters or documents.

You can of course also be a global translator, then you translate between two parties who both speak a different language.

21) Rent out a room or your entire house on AirBnB

Do you have a room left in your house? Then you can also consider renting it out via AirBnB.

You can earn a lot of money with this and otherwise that one room or house will still be empty and that’s a shame, right? Please note that you cannot rent out your home to tourists indefinitely.

For example, in some municipalities you need a permit and there are limits to the rental period. So check this out in advance.

But otherwise this is a nice way to meet new people from all over the world!

22) Sell stuff on eBay

You can make good money by selling stuff on eBay.

If you have something at home that is worth a lot of money or smaller things sell them.

eBay is very easy to use, you take a picture of what you are selling and you put it on your account and who knows someone is interested in what you want to sell.

23) Washing cars

Washing cars, very simple to do and you also earn money with it.

You can ask around in your neighborhood or with your family if you can wash their car.

24) Write books and sell online

If you are a very creative person you can write a book and sell it online.

Nowadays you can easily publish books digitally via Amazon.

The income can already amount to thousands of euros per month.

25) Change your job

Maybe you are fed up with your job or you are not earning well.

Changing jobs is always an option and there is something available to you that you enjoy and that deserve better than your current job

26) Design and sell t-shirts

If you like fashion and are creative, this is a good way for you to make extra money.

You can sell these t-shirts online for which there are various sites, but you can also start a stand with your own shirts on, for example, a market.

27) Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant is a kind of secretary or personal assistant that works remotely, so you can work from your (home) office for an entrepreneur, for example.

This job requires you to check calendar email management, social media activities, schedule and other things that are required of you.

28) Helping people with their tax

There are many people who need help with their tax.

For example, you can come to these people’s homes to help them with their tax  and then you will receive money for your help.

29) Pet sitter

If you are a real animal lover, this is something nice for you, for example when your neighbors or family are on vacation.

You can take the animal into your home or go to their home every day and earn money from it.

30) Street artist

Are you perhaps very musical? Then this way is a good way for you. As a street artist you can sing, play guitar, play the accordion and much more.

You do need a permit for this, which you must apply for at the municipality.

31) Become a meal delivery person

Delivering meals for a pizzeria or sushi place with your scooter or car is a simple way to make extra money, you just need to drive to a few addresses to get people their meals.

32) Build websites

If you are good at building websites and you are creative, use your knowledge to make money.

First design and create a good website for yourself where you offer yourself as a website builder.

This must be a good website, so that potential customers can actually see that you can build a good website.

Try to be under the price of professional website builders, so that it becomes attractive to choose you.

33) Help people with the household

People who are busy, the elderly and the disabled are target groups who often need help with the household.

Especially with the diminishing domestic help services, you can be a solution for many people who need domestic help.

Putting up an advertisement in the supermarket can already ensure that you can get a lot of customers in your area.

34) Mystery shopper

If you like shopping, becoming a mystery shopper is ideal. Many companies want to test their services with a mystery shopper.

This is not difficult work, because all you have to do is visit a specific store and pay close attention to the service of the store.

After shopping, fill in a form for the company on how you are treated as a customer and whether there are areas for improvement.

35) Give workshops about your passion

Do you have a passion or a hobby that you are very good at and do you think you can make people enthusiastic about your passion? Then give workshops.

For example, if your passion is painting, or making jewelry or maybe cooking, you can give a workshop, where you can help people who share your passion and want to become better at it.

You can ask a nice amount per workshop, you have social contacts and you share your passion with like-minded people.

36) Negotiate for more salary

If you already have a nice job, but you think you can earn a little more, then you should negotiate with your boss about more salary.

This seems easier than it is because many people find this scary. Know what you are good at and do not hesitate to bring this up and explain that you are therefore of value to the company.

Google also to get tips on how best to negotiate for more salary.

37) Help people move

Are you a go-getter and don’t you turn your hand around for a bit of lifting? Then offer yourself as help with moving.

Especially if you also have a large car or bus available, you can be of service to many people who want to move.

In addition to a certain amount per hour, you can also request mileage allowance.

38) Clean up attics

For many people, the attic is a warehouse where a lot is stored over the years. When people move, they often suddenly want to get rid of all stored things. This is ideal for you.

People are happy that you empty the attic and you will undoubtedly be able to find very nice things for yourself, but also things that you can sell very well yourself.

39) Help people lose weight

Do you have experience with losing weight or have you found the ideal way to lose a lot of weight, share this with people who also want to.

Many overweight people have been losing weight for years and are desperate for the right way to lose weight.

If you have successfully lost weight you can share your way with others and support them for a certain amount per consultation.

40) Walking dogs

If you are a dog lover, you can also convert your passion for dogs into a dog walker.

There are plenty of people who have a busy job during the day and cannot walk or give their dog the necessary attention.

So there is a lot of demand for dog walkers. When walking the dogs, the advantage is that you can walk in a relaxed way and also earn money with it.

41) Help people organize their administration

If you have your administration in order and are very accurate, then you may be the right person to help other people who cannot.

There are an awful lot of people who struggle to get their administration in order, so you can use your knowledge to be of great value to them and give them a much more organized life.

42) Call prospects for companies

If you are a little bit commercial, you can be of value to, for example, marketing companies. Companies are always very busy and future customers are sometimes lost sight of.

However, it is important to maintain contact with these prospective customers by contacting them regularly. Many companies let you call from home.

You get an overview of prospects to call and you can organize your own time.

43) Provide email marketing to businesses

Marketing comes in many forms. Email marketing is playing an increasingly important role in this.

Yet many companies are not yet able to properly conduct this form of marketing. As a company you have to be careful that these do not become spam-like emails.

Therefore, hire yourself as an e-mail marketing expert and perform e-mail marketing for companies. This is easy to do and it relieves the companies enormously.

44) Helping people with small chores

f you are good at small household chores, such as hanging a lamp or installing a bookshelf, you can also offer yourself to people who cannot do these chores themselves.

After all, you are much cheaper than the professional companies, so why not present yourself as a handyman?

You will earn a nice pocket money and people who are unable to do these chores will be thrilled with you.

45) Selling strawberries on a summer day

Strawberries are a favorite fruit especially in the summer months. Try buying a large batch of strawberries, for example from a grower.

Growers always have a stock of B products that are not suitable for sale in the supermarket because of their appearance, for example.

Nevertheless, these strawberries can still be used. If you can buy in a lot of these, you can sell them for a profit. And in the summer months, strawberries are always good.

46) Provide marketing advice to companies

Have you always worked in marketing positions and do you know a lot about marketing? You can also become a marketing freelancer.

Especially smaller companies that do not have enough budget to set up a fully-fledged marketing department can benefit greatly from your advice.

As a freelancer you are free to choose your times and you can send nice invoices.

47) Provide lunch catering

Do you enjoy eating? You can also set up your own catering company.

You can then, for example, provide lunch for companies, schools and healthcare institutions.

You are doing something that you really like and you earn your money with it.

Also take beautiful stylized photos of beautiful lunch snacks and advertise them on your own website.

48) Helping entrepreneurs to get more visitors to their website

People never just come straight to a website. It is sometimes quite an undertaking for companies to get enough people to their website.

To do this you need to have a little understanding of internet marketing and how you can obtain more visitors on your website with SEO pages, for example.

If you know a little about this, you can write texts for web pages for companies and charge a certain amount for it.

49) Participate in savings programs

Shops, companies, they all offer a savings program. Some savings programs can also be very lucrative indeed.

Therefore, make sure that you receive loyalty points from as many shops and companies as possible. Also ask your family or acquaintances to receive loyalty points for you, even if they are not saving.

Also take a look at second-hand websites. People there regularly offer cheap unused stamps and reward points.

50) Help people with wallpapering

Wallpapering a wall is quite a specific job that many people do not feel like doing and even more people who cannot do it at all.

If you are good at wallpapering, you can use your qualifications to make money.

You can become a wallpaper independently, but you can also visit a painting company. They are often looking for good wallpaper.

51) Sell old books

There is an inexhaustible supply of books that often sell for very little money or sometimes even for free.

Sometimes you can purchase whole batches of books or you can search for specific books on second-hand websites.

If you are a book specialist you can sell all your old books, but also buy old books and try to sell them at a profit.

52) Carries out promotional activities for companies

Carrying out promotional activities for companies is advertising a company.

You have to perform promotional activities in collaboration with a company and you receive money for this.

53) Become a YouTube video blogger

Earning money with Youtube?

YouTube is a very popular Social Media platform, it has been around for 13 years. It is a website where videos are uploaded and viewed a lot.

If you start out as a YouTube video blogger you won’t be making money right away, but if you get more and more views and more and more blue thumbs up, you may be able to make your career out of this.

54) Provide BBQ at people’s homes

If you are a real meat lover and enjoy barbecuing, you can also do this for money, namely providing barbecues in people’s homes.

You can ask around in your neighborhood or in your family if someone would like to have a well-kept barbecue and maybe you can take care of that.

55) Do market research for companies

A market research is a study in which information is collected about markets or customers.

Anyone can do market research and maybe you can do this in collaboration with a company too.

56) Clean pavement for people with a pressure washer

You may have seen people that their patio or driveway pavement was covered with green deposits, you can remove this with a high-pressure cleaner.

You can ask around if people need someone to remove this and you will earn money with this.

57) Partyplanner – Organize a party

Maybe your neighbors, your grandparents or your friends want to throw a party, but they don’t know how, what and where. You can organize parties for people, so you arrange a location, invitations and furthermore what is asked of you.

This is a useful way to make money if you are an organized person and like to plan things.

58) Take a side job

If your current job does not earn very well, or if you do not work many hours, you can always take a side job. There is always a suitable side job available for you.

To do this, you can check whether there are advertisements online, or you can register at websites for vacancies where always the latest vacancies that are suitable for you.

59) Help people get fit

If you are a sporty and fit person you can also help people with this, you can run with them, go to the gym as a kind of personal trainer or you build up a nutritional schedule.

This way you can help people get fit.

60) Review products

When reviewing products, you can register at various sites, companies will send you a product for free and then you have to test this product.

These products can be anything, for example a telephone, vacuum cleaner, a make-up product and much more. Write a review about these products and get gel for this.

61) Sell your old phone

You probably still have an old phone at home that still works fine, you can sell it via a marketplace, for example.

This can save a lot of money and you also make someone happy with your old phone.

62) Sell old clothes

How often does it happen that you take clothes from your closet that you didn’t even know you still had? This happens to many people.

If you do not wear these clothes anymore, immediately collect all good quality clothes that you no longer wear and sell it.

You can put the clothes individually on the picture and advertise on one of the many second-hand websites, but you can also register for the local flea market or fair to sell all your clothes there.

63) Rent out your parking space in the city

If you don’t have a car, but you do have your own parking space, you can rent it out.

Especially if you live in a city where parking spaces are scarce, you are guaranteed to rent out your parking space in no time.

Try to estimate the demand for parking spaces and base the rent on that.

The scarcer the parking spaces in a particular city, the more rent you can charge for your parking space

64) Import products from abroad and sell them here

If trading is in your blood, try to find a foreign product that is not that easy to buy here, but is in high demand.

It is then easy to buy these products abroad and sell them here with a nice profit margin.

And nowadays it is already very easy to sell online with your own webshop.

65) Picking grapes in France

France is the land of wine. The whole of France is bursting with winegrowers who need people every season to pick the grapes.

This is therefore an ideal holiday job where you are on holiday in France and at the same time work to finance your holiday.

This is therefore also a great holiday job for students and people who are very flexible and do not want to venture into a permanent job.

66) Organize sports competitions

Are you a fan of sports, but not so good that you can live off your sport? You can also organize sports competitions.

For example, take a look around municipalities that need community workers.

You could organize sports competitions for children in underprivileged areas of a city.

And then you might benefit from a municipal subsidy or enter the service of the municipality as a welfare worker.

67) Become a dive instructor

Can you dive and do you regularly dive during your vacation? Then you can try to become a diving instructor. Not everyone can dive, so there is quite a demand for diving instructors.

If you want a real adventure, take a look abroad at tourist places where there is a lot of diving, or hotels in the area.

Then you can work in your favorite holiday country and pursue your hobby.

68) Take care of weddings (wedding planner)

More and more couples-to-be are outsourcing their wedding to wedding planners. If you have a lot of organizational talent, become a wedding planner.

You must have the quality that you are very accurate and stress resistant.

You can do a wedding planner yourself very well.

Make sure you make a nice website and especially advertise on bridal sites, so that you are seen and you can profile yourself.

69) Refurbishing and selling old furniture

If you are a bit handy you can make a lot of money by refurbishing old furniture.

Look on a second-hand website for old furniture.

They are very much offered there and you can often buy them for a very low price.

If you restore and refurbish them, you can resell them for a nice price.

70) Provide nutritional advice

Do you live very healthy and do you ensure that you always eat very healthy? Then you probably also have a lot of sense about healthy eating. You can use it to give nutritional advice to people who are overweight or people who have to follow a diet for medical reasons.

Prepare set menus, so that you have a basis and design a beautiful website, where you present as a nutritionist.

This way you can earn a nice amount per consultation.

71) Ski instructor

Do you enjoy skiing for winter sports? The demand for ski instructors is high every year in the ski areas. This is an ideal summer job for a student.

You are busy all day with your favorite hobby, you are in a beautiful winter sports area and you also earn with it.

You can also teach skiing in the Netherlands to people who will soon be going on a winter sport and who want to master the tricks of skiing.

72) Working at a beach club

I don’t know in your county? But in the spring when the weather is nice again, the beach clubs on the Dutch beaches open again.

Especially in the high season when the weather is amazing, there is always a lot of demand for waiters who can serve in a beach tent.

So visit the various beach clubs and undoubtedly there is another beach club that is still looking for a waiter for the new season.

73) Nail and make up service

If you like to always be busy with make up and nails, you can also provide other people with make up and beautiful nails.

Advertise a lot by making yourself known on the internet or putting up notes in the supermarket.

Make sure you can easily take your tools with you, so you can visit people’s homes.

Also visit a nursing home or retirement home, where people do not get out so easily.

74) Go to work abroad

The opportunities for working abroad are unprecedented.

Especially if you are still a student, countless working holidays are offered, where you can enjoy the country itself on the one hand and at the same time work, finance your vacation.

Your employer will therefore provide shelter and food. The most famous and flexible country for an ideal working holiday is Australia.

75) Design your own jewelry and sell online

If making your own jewelry is a hobby of yours, you can also earn money with it. Many people are looking for authentic jewelry.

If you make unique jewelry or perhaps to order from people, you will lose your jewelry in no time.

You can advertise your jewelry on a second-hand website, but there are also specialized websites where artists offer their products.

It is also possible to start your own webshop yourself where you sell your own jewelry.

76) Service boats

Boat owners always enjoy a boat in good weather, but there is one big disadvantage to having a boat: you have to maintain it.

Every year the boat must be properly painted to extend its life and to keep the boat waterproof and navigable.

Especially after the summer season, look for people who need to maintain their boat.

If you do this well, you will soon have a new customer, because many boat owners know each other.

77) AirBnB host / Property manager

If you don’t own any real estate, you can always manage the real estate of others.

Real estate management is very intensive and is almost always outsourced by the owner.

See if you can become the AirBnB host of people who rent out their homes through AirBnB.

78) Callcenter work

Callcenter work is a popular job among students, but also great for the elderly. Telemarketing involves contacting prospective customers by telephone to sell products or services.

You can do this work at a call center, but some marketing agencies can also do this work at home. This makes it very easy to combine work and private life.

79) Buy items that will increase in value

Do you have a nose for special objects or are you interested in antiques or art? If you search very specifically and find unique objects, you can make money with that in the long term.

So try to get art, antiques and collectibles for a cheap price.

Some objects can be resold immediately for a profit, while other objects have to wait a while before they become worth more.

80) Create sales pages for companies

Are you good at designing and creating internet pages? Then let yourself be hired by companies that want a sales web page.

Most companies will never design this themselves, but outsource it.

So make sure you first create a very inviting and beautiful web page for yourself in which you promote yourself and make sure that your page can be found easily.

81) Sell specific products such as organic

Organic products are very pricey in the supermarket. Take advantage of this by growing your own fruit and vegetables.

The cultivation itself does not have to cost much, so if you are going to sell it and go just below the supermarket price, you still have a nice profit.

82) Teach business owners how to collect customer email addresses

Nowadays it is very valuable as an entrepreneur to have the e-mail addresses of your customers in your possession. These can be used, for example, for email marketing purposes.

Still, it is sometimes quite a difficult task to get email addresses. To do some work, you can offer to do this for a company for a small fee!

This can be done, for example, via social media or by writing an attractive newsletter to which customers can subscribe.

83) Hire yourself as the host

Are you social and do you enjoy socializing with different people? Then you can also consider offering yourself as a host at various parties or events.

The activities of a host are very diverse. For example, you can greet people at the entrance and show them around. You can also accompany people to their tables or deliver drinks.

The nice thing about this side job is that you come to different places and no two days are the same!

84) Organize an event

If you are very organizational, you can also see if you can organize events for a small fee.

These events can really be anything, for example weddings or networking drinks.

Some people get a lot of stress from organizing, so that’s where you come in! Agree a budget with your client in advance and let go.

As an organizer you really think of everything: from location to the snacks and drinks that will be served.

85) Rent your car

Do you own a car, but don’t use it that often? Then you can rent your car to people who need one every now and then.

There are various websites and apps where you can offer your car. A car is an expensive purchase, so there will always be people who would like to use it.

This way you can easily earn some extra money, without doing much yourself.

86) Selling Antiques

Do you enjoy browsing flea markets or flea markets? Or does your grandmother or grandfather still have an attic full of old things they want to get rid of?

Then you can also consider whether you can become an antiques dealer! You buy antique items and then sell them on at a profit.

If you have an eye for art and can assess whether something will yield a lot, then this is a very lucrative job.

87) Spelling checker

Do you have a knack for languages ​​and are you good at spelling? Then offer to check texts for spelling errors for a fee.

Despite the spell check on computers, mistakes are still often made. For example, there are many students who would like to have their thesis checked for language errors.

There are also several companies that would like to have their texts on websites checked for spelling errors.

88) Help people become healthier

People all want to live a healthy life, but this is not always self-evident for everyone. Are you a health freak and would you like to motivate others to be healthy?

Then you can earn a little money with this. This can be done in many ways. For example, you can become a personal trainer of someone and go to the gym together.

Or you collect healthy recipes and sell them to people who would like to eat a little healthier. So be creative, because everyone wants to become and stay healthy!

89) Assist people in the emigration process

It is quite a big step to emigrate to a foreign country. As a side job you can therefore give people a hand with this!

Foreigners who have moved for example to the Netherlands do not know and cannot do everything as well as you do.

For example, help them fill out all kinds of government documents or other forms if they do not yet speak the Dutch language.

Or call on behalf of these people if a call needs to be made. Emigrants can therefore use your help!

90) Create a network group for local entrepreneurs

Networking is very important in working life. It may therefore be a good idea to contribute to this yourself by setting up a network for local entrepreneurs.

If you are a born networker and like to connect people, this is the perfect way for you to earn some extra money!

Organize a networking drink, for example, and actively try to include new entrepreneurs in your network.

Who knows, these entrepreneurs may benefit from each other and they can find each other thanks to you!

91) Make your own products and sell them online

Thanks to the internet it is easy to buy and sell all kinds of products. For example, can you knit beautiful scarves or do you make your own soaps?

Then you may be able to earn something from this by selling it.

Websites such as Etsy are specifically intended as a marketplace for buying or selling homemade items.

There is a whole market for handmade things. These items have its charm and they are original to give away as gifts!

92) Organize bike rides

Do you happen to live in a beautiful area where many cycling trips are made and do you know the area a little?

Organize bicycle tours for tourists and show your guests around the area you know as a guide.

You can charge a fee for organizing bike tours and often you will receive a tip at the end of a bike tour.

This is a relaxed way of making money.

93) Give chair massages at companies

Especially in stressful companies, employees need a break from time to time. Stress often affects the back and shoulders, so these are good places to be massaged.

If you can massage a little, you can offer your massage services at different companies. The staff can just sit on the chair while you give them a massage.

This will promote the productivity of the company and you will earn a nice pocket money with it.

94) Design corporate identities and leaflets for companies

If a company wants to have a new corporate identity designed, this is not just something.

When they go to a professional designer, they lose a lot of money for a new corporate identity.

If you are a little creative and handy with computer editing programs, you can also act as a designer of corporate identities and folders.

If you go well below the price of a professional designer, you still earn enough to make a living.

95) Earn some extra money as a freelancer

The advantage of being a freelancer is that you can organize your times in your own way. You also decide for yourself what price you ask for your services.

You can become a freelancer in almost any profession. Especially look at what you are good at. If you are good at writing texts, you can very easily become a copywriter.

You can work from home and organize your own time.

96) Garden maintenance

If you like gardening then it is easy to make money with this too. There are plenty of people who have a huge garden, but have no idea how to organize it or do not feel like maintaining it.

They much prefer to outsource this. If you also enjoy gardening, you earn money with your hobby. Hanging a simple note at the supermarket is often enough to attract customers in your area.

97) Become a part-time plasterer

Plastering walls is quite a specialist job that not everyone can do. If people want to renovate, a wall must also be worked regularly by the plasterer.

If you position yourself well in the market, there is a good chance that you will be allowed to plaster during many renovations. Plasterer activities are always there, so you don’t have to worry about running out of jobs.

98) Become a painter

When people hire a professional painter, they spend quite a lot of money. Nevertheless, painting once a year or every two years is absolutely necessary to guarantee the lifespan of the frames and doors.

So you can also offer yourself as a painter. Make a nice brochure and push it through the mailboxes in your neighborhood.

To be sure that there will always be a response, because not everyone can or wants to paint their house.

99) Make healthy snack bars and sell them to big companies

If you want to make money with this, you will first have to experiment with ingredients yourself so that you have invented the perfect healthy snack bar.

It is currently a trend in companies to eat healthy during the lunch break or as a snack. So put on your naughty shoes and offer your bars to large companies.

Only one staff member needs to be satisfied and the rest of the staff will soon follow.

100) Rent out your camper

Just like AirBnB for homes, there are more and more websites where you can rent out your camper.

Earn good money by renting out your camper for 10 weeks a year.

101) Drink service

People sometimes want to drink an exclusive drink before a party, or just because they feel like it. Get started and make a few exclusive cocktails.

If you like them, you can start your own drinking service. Especially drinks that people do not have or cannot make at home will be popular.

Especially if you also bring the drinks along, this is a great start to a new venture…

So … These Were My 101 Ways To Make Money

Good luck with making money!


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