Logo Design – Do it yourself or have it done?

Don’t have a company logo yet? Would you like to have a logo designed?

In this article, I’ll show you two ways how to quickly design a logo, so that you don’t get stuck in the logo phase for too long!

Way 1: Design your own logo in Paint!

How do you get a logo without spending money? Very simple you just create your own logo in Paint.

You can quickly design a text logo here. You have to be a little bit creative.

Just look at the logo of this website, I also made it in Paint!

Step-by-step plan to design a logo with Paint:

Via properties you set the pixel width to: 200 and height to: 70
You choose a desired font and font size, for example: Impact and size 24
Enter your company name in the field.
Choose a color.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget the tagline. Clearly state what you do / who you are under your company name. Just look at my logo: Entrepreneur, E-commerce Expert. Many entrepreneurs forget this!

BONUS Here’s an example: How to design a logo in 5 minutes with Paint

Way 2: Have a logo designed by a Graphic Designer

If you do want to / can spend money for a logo design, you can get a logo through all kinds of websites. The website I use when I need a logo is fiverr.com.

You can look for logo designers there via the menu bar! These designers mostly from India charge $ 5 dollars per logo.

Choose the four best-rated designers and have the logo designed for all four.

You will get four different designs within a few days so you can choose the best one! Only costs you 4x € 4.44.

Important: Clearly indicate what kind of logo you are looking for, otherwise you will not get the desired design!

Tip: Search online for an example of a logo design that appeals to you and add it to the designers as an attachment!

Good luck with designing your logo!

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